Below are extractions for the name CONNORS as found in Newfoundland newspapers, The Royal Gazette and the Newfoundland Advertiser, 1810-1845.

What becomes apparent immediately is that the first 3 earliest extractions show 3 Connors in Newfoundland who originate from 3 different counties in Ireland.

This is quite frustrating when trying to sort the Connors in Newfoundland and determine their Irish origin... I have decided that without DNA finding their county of origin will likely be impossible. That does not mean I have given up looking for a birth, marriage or death record indicating county of origin but given the difficulty in attaining records earlier than these the chances are slim. I am unsure if Native of referring to Ross of New Ross, Wexford or Ross in the west of Cork and southern portion of Kerry. The three most likely counties for the origin of the Connors family of Placentia Bay are Waterford, Wexford, and Kerry. To throw in a wrench our earliest ancestor a Joachim o Connor was a teacher from Dublin who married a Margaret McGrath and died in Marquis, Newfoundland. I tend to think that he was sent from Newfoundland to Dublin to be educated and that it is possible that his father was born in Ireland before 1750 and that this would be the Thomas Connors of L:ittle Placentia mentioned in Seary's surname book.

CONNORS info from Mildred Howard's Index, on LDS Microfiche Vital Records from Newfoundland Newspapers, 1810 - 1845.

(Dates in brackets are dates of publication, not event.)

Deserted from the service of DOOLING and KELLY:...Michael CONNORS, 5ft.
6, dark hair, hardy features, came as passenger in the schooner "David"
last Spring. Native of Ross. Cooper by trade.
(29 Sept 1814)

p 18.
CONNORS: Claimants against the estate of Laurence CONNORS of Kill St
Nicholas, Co. Waterford, Ireland, late of Burin, fisherman, deceased,
apply to John DOWSLEY & John POWER, Administrators.
(17 June 1813)

p 23.
Deserted from ship "Hyperion" Capt. W. P. Cumby, 30 March... George
CONNOR, 5ft. 4, light complexion, light hair and eyes. Native of Cork,
(15 April 1813)

p 108-109
A List of Persons who petitioned for land, and will receive Grants if
no counter claims are made within three months...
1 Feb 1830 John CONNORS Carbonear
(no date of publication given, 1831)

Andrew CONNORS listed among supporters of Patrick KOUGH as
representative in the Colonial Legislative Assembly.
(no date of publication given, 1832)

p 139
Alphabetical List of Licensed Publicans, 1836, includes...
John CONNORS, Water Street.
(no date of publication given, 1837)

Signatory to a petition to the Roads Commissioner seeking postponement
of proceedings...
(no date of publication given, 1837)

CONNORS: Claimants against the estate of John CONNORS apply to James
CLIFT, Trustee.
(14 Jan 1840)

An Act To Defray Costs for Support of Aged & Infant Paupers
[includes]... To Bridget CONNORS, for supporting an infant pauper.

Other Tidbits of Newfoundland News of the Connors Clan:

Daily News August 19, 1921 (Friday) SJDN
Dunville, P.B. ...
News has been lately received that Mr. Thomas Connors, son of Mr. Patrick Connors, of Dunville, having passed successfully his examination at New York, and of his having been awarded a master's certificate of competency. We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Connors on their boy's success in the land of Uncle Sam, more especially in view of the fact that Capt. Thomas is only twenty-three years old. This is the second son to obtain a master's certificate. "Willie" as he was familiarly known, having passed his examinations, a few years ago under the efficient tuition of Mr. Francis Doyle, of St. John's, and is now making good in the land of the "brave and free", having lately been appointed Superintendent of the Munson Line at New York. Captain Thomas has recently been married to Miss Mary Healey, of Holyrood, and she is now paying a visit to her friends at Dunville. The writer also extends congratulations to Mrs. Capt. Connors on the success of her young husband, and predicts for her a pleasant voyage over the Matrimonial Sea.

Family Notes:

This Patrick Connors (1853) is the brother of my great grandfather Michael Connors (1850-1935) They were the sons of Thomas Conner and Ann Casey married RC Argentia 1835.

Patrick Connors married Esther Dunphy and her sister Mary Josephine Dunphy married another Connors brother Joachim. The Dunphy sisters were the grandaughters of Maryanne Barron Power.

The two brothers Capt. Thomas (1898) and Capt. "Willie" Connors, sons of Patrick and Esther, emigrated to NYC. They were first cousins to my grandfather Lou Connors who was in the Merchant Marine and also emigrated to NY. My grandfather's brother was Captain Thomas J. Connors who made St. John's his home.


A month after she returned from service with the Army Nurse Corps in Europe and the China-Burma-India theatre, Miss Jennie Mensch, 42 years old was rescued from drowning in the East River yesterday after spending more than a half-hour in the water off Welfare Island.

Miss Mensch, who is a nurse at City Hospital on the island and lives at a nurses' residence there, was walking along the seawall about noon when she stumbled and fell into the river on the Queens side. Although she is a strong swimmer, the swift undertow began pulling her away from shore.

Transcribed From the New York Times April 22, 1946