Connors, O'Connor, surname of Ireland, O' Conchobhair

MacLysaght comments that in Ireland, the prefix O, formely widely discarded , has been generally resumed. Similarly the variant Connors has become O'Connor again. Widespread in Ireland, especially in the Co. Kerry.

In Newfoundland Family Traditions from the book by E.R. SEARY:

Patrick Connors, from Co. Kerry, settled at Conception Harbour about ? 1815 (Mun Forklore) --

Connors from CO. Cork settled at Grandys Point in the early 19 th century and subsequently at Clattice Harbour and St.Kyran's (Mun Forklore)

Early instances:
Thomas Connor
of Little Placentia ( now Argentis) about 1730-35 (Co 194.9);

Maurice Connors, shoreman of St John's,1794-5, "32 years in Newfoundland", that is 1762-3 (Census 1794-5); Maurice Connors, fo Trinity Bay,1775 (DPHW 64);

Dennis Conner, formely of Waterford, late of Trepassey, deceased 1775 (Waterford Arch.and Hist Soc.J.per Kirwin):
Dennis Connor, of Cats Cove ( now Conception Harbour),1779(co 199.18);

James Connors of Harbour Main,1779 ( Mun Hist ); Andrew,planter of Fogo,1780 ( D'Alberti 6 )

Thomas Conner of Harbour of Quipon (Island of Jack ) 1787 (co 194.21);Thomas Conners of Petty Harbour 1794-5 "10 years in Newfoundland" that is 1784-5 (Census 1794-5);

Timothy, of Dublin, Irish convict landed at Petty Harbour or Bay Bulls, 1789 (co 194.38);

Daniel Connors, from Waterford, lessee of land at Port de Grave,1779,died 1816 (Nfld. Mercantile Journal 11 Sept 1816,co199.18;

Patrick, from Kilworth, Diocease of Cloyne ( Co. Cork), married at St.John's 1801 (NFld Archives BRC); David Connors, of Youghal (CO.Cork) married at St John's1802(Nfld.Archives BRC);

Robert O'Connor of Harbour Grace Parish,1807 (Nfld Archives HGRC); Lawrence Connors,from Kill St. Nicholas (Co. Waterford ), fisherman of Burin, deseased 1813 ( Royal Gazette 17 Jun 1813);

James of Kings Cove,1816 (Nfld Archives KCRC);Thomas Pierce Connors, schoolmaster of Carbonear 1817 (D'Alberti 27 ); Patrick Connors of Trinity, 1820 (Nfld Archives KCRC);

John of Catalina 1822 (Nfld Arcives KCRC); James of Keels,1827 (Nfld.Arcives KCRC); Ann of Adams Cove, 1828 (Nfld Arcives KCRC);

Michael, of Riders harbour,1829 (Nfld Archives KCRC), Michael, of Harbour Grace 1830;

Dennis of Greenspond; Catherine O'Connors of New Harbour Trinity Bay, 1832; Mary Connors of Bay Bulls 1841;

Michael of Bell Island 1842;Timothy of Tickle Cove Bonavista 1856; Joseph,planter of Lawn,1857 James of Logy Bay 1858;
John of Gooseberry Island Bonavista B.1859 Timothy,of Haywards Cove Bonavista B, 1859 of Dog Cove 1861---drowned at Twillingate,1866 (Devine and O'Mara);

Tom of Cottels Island, 1867; Mrs. Connors, of Georgetown, died 1870, 103 year ( Devine and O'Mara ); Connors scattered, Conners, O'Connor and O'Conner, rare in Lovell 1871.

Modern status Connors, scattered, especilly in the St.John's and Placentia East districts; O'Connor rare, at St.John's and Stephenville.
Place names (not necessarily from the surname);
Connors Island 48-11 53-31;--Rock 47-37 58-39, 47-39 58-01; ----Cove Point 47-19 55-55; Conners Brook 48-49 57-33; ---Rock 48-41 52-57---Rocks (Labrador) 53-08 55-44

Source E.R. Seary