Maney, Manney, Meany, Meeny, Meenie, Meanie and sometimes Mahoney :)

1831 Will of Nicholas Mahaney (Nicholas Mahaney 1, William Mahaney 2, Josiah Nicholas Mahaney 3, Sophia Mahaney 4, Agatha Kennedy 5, Jack Kennedy Connors 6, Joanne 7)

Mahaney Register from the Down East Website of Mahaney cousins, Don and Mary Shankle; our Kennedy connection






SP: Elizabeth (13478)

1.Valentine (13479) b.ca1759, moved to Exploits Harbour, Burnt Isle

  SP: Elizabeth (13480)

  (1)Elizabeth (13481) c.1796-01-01(CEHG)                                                                                                                                      

  (2)Francis (13554)

     SP: Ann (15655)

     1a.Harriet (16656) b.1834

     2a.Stephen Valentine (16657) b.1843

  (3)Elinor (13482)

     SP: John Peyton (13484)

  (4)William (13555) b.1818, c.1818-08-12(TWA) at Twillingate, NF


2.Nicholas (609) b.1761, of whom presently


3.Mary (13550) lived at Mosquito; m.1804-06-06(CEC)

  SP: John Donovan (13551) of Co. Cork, IRE

  (1)Elizabeth Donovan (13552) m.1846-01-22(CEHG)

     SP: William Crew (13553) of Dorsetshire, ENG




NICHOLAS MAHANEY (609) b.1761, d.1831-06-23(MCC) at Carbonear,

                 Newfoundland; m.ca1794 at Carbonear

SP: Mary Jane (1599) b.1771, d.1853-01-09

1.Jane (1346) b.1793, c.1796-01-01(HGA); m.1814-01-09(MCC)

  SP: John Long (1338) b.1786, d.1864-10-05(CA)(s/Moses of Rose

                 Garland, Co. Wexford, IRE)

  (1)Moses Long (13558) b.1814-11-17 at Mosquito, c.1815-12-20(CEC),


     SP: Mary Ann (13568) b.1816, d.1865-11-02(CEC)

     1a.Alfred Long (13595) b.1839, d.1865-08-03; m.1863-06-14

     2a.Jane Long (13596) b.1841, d.1931

        SP: Benjamin Gillette (13602) b.1837-07-25, c.1837-11-06,


        1b.Moses Gillette (13603)

        2b.Maria Jane Gillette (13604)

     3a.William Long(13597) b.1843-10-05, d.1843-10-14(CEC)

     4a.Mary Ann Long (13598) b.1845-06-04, c.1845-06-07(CEC)

     5a.Sarah Long (13599) b.1850-03-24, c.1851-01-20(CEC)

        SP: ____ Hunt (13605)

     6a.Henry Long(13600) b.1855, d.1903-06-16(CEC)

     7a.William Long (13601)

  (2)William Long (13559) b.1816-06-22, c.1818-06-07(MCC)

  (3)Joseph Long (13560) b.1818

  (4)Mary Ann Long (13561)


  (5)Susanna Maria Long (13606) b.1821-08-23, c.1821-12-25(CEC),


     SP: Samuel Pye (13607)

     1a.John Pye (14230) b.1842-09-27 Carbonear

     2a.James Pye (14231) b.1844-04-05 Carbonear

     3a.Elijah Pye (14232) b.1846-10-06: m.1870-06-07

        SP:Maria Ann Clarke (14235)

     4a.John Pye (14233) b.1848-10-24

     5a.Sarah Pye (14234) b.1852-08-19 Carbonear; m.1874-12-22

        SP: Jeremiah Colbourne (14236)

  (6)John Long (13562) b.1823-07-23 Carbonear, c.1824-05-23 (CEC)


     SP: Elizabeth White (14237)

     1a.William Thomas Long (14238) b.1863-10-21, c.1864-01-03(CEC)

     2a.Susanna Long (13240) b.1865-12-02 Carbonear, c.1866-01-14;


     3a.Jane Long (14241) b.1868-01-13 Carbonear, c.1868-04-19(CEC)

     4a.Maria Long (14242) b.1870-08-29, c.1870-11-20(CEC)

     5a.John Long (14243)

     6a.Sarah Long (14244) b.1877-04-21 Carbonear, c.1877-07-29

     7a.Henry Nicholas Long (14245) b.1879-11-27, c.1880-04-23(CEC)

     8a.Mary Maud Long (14246) b.1882-10-09, c.1883-06-10(CEC) 

  (7)Francis Long (13563) b.1824-10-05 at Carb, c.1825-06-04(CEC),


  (8)Sarah Jane Long (13564) d.1828-02-11(CA), c.1835-10-11(CEC);


     SP: Francis Howell (14247) b.1827, c.1827-06-10(UCC)(s/James

                         & Mary)

     1a.William Howell (14250) b.1857-11-06, c.1959-01-03(MCC)

     2a.Leah Howell (14251) b.1859-08-23 Carb, c.1859-11-20(CEC)

  (9)Selina Long (13565) b.1830, d.1830

  (10)Joseph Francis Long (13566)

     SP: Diana Yeuden (14252)

     1a.Henry Nicholas Long (14253) b.1861-09-28, c.1861-12-15(CEC)

     2a.Elizabeth Jane Long (14254) b.1863-10-05, c.1863-12-20(CEC);


     3a.Selina Long (14255) b.1866-02-14 Carbonear, c.1866-05-13(CEC)

     4a.Sarah Jane Long (14256) b.1868-10-27, c.1869-02-07(CEC)

     5a.Mary Elizabeth Long (14257) b.1871-06-07, c.1871-07-11(CEC)

     6a.William John Long (14258) b.1876 Carbonear, d.1883-08-30(CEC)

     7a.Ebenezer Long (14259) d.1882-09-18

  (11)Henry Nicholas Long (13567) b.1834-03-19, c.1835-10-11(CEC),


2.William (537) b.1803, of whom presently


3.Elizabeth (1472) b.1806-05-27, c.1811-01-13


4.Francis (1343) b.1808-11-06, c.1811-01-13(MCC), d.1881-03-28(CEC),


  SP: Mary Ann Pye (1398) b.1814, d.1889-01-12


  (1)Maria Ann (1213) b.1833-07-15, c.1834-06-08(CEC),


  (2)Teresa (1201) b.1835-11-07, c.1835-12-08(MCC)

     SP: Samuel Ash (7949)

  (3)Frederick (1207) b.1838-04-13, c.1838-12-03(CEC) d.1901-12-10

               (CEC), m.1866-01-12(CEC)

     SP: Ann Colborne (1203) b.1840, d.1909-11-20(CEC)

     1a.Margaret Susanna (1196) b.1866-11-12, c.1866-11-12(CEC),


        SP: James Bennett (13569) b.1843-04

     2a.Mary Patience (1187) b.1869-02-12, c.1869-05-30(CEC)

        SP: Arthur Bennett Winsor (5700)(1868-1936)(s/Alfred &

                                   Mary Ann Bennett)

        1b.Ada Harriett (7014) b.1904-02-06

           SP: William Horwood (7016)

     3a.Silas (1199) b.1871-02-11, c.1871-04-23(CEC) d.1949-10-03


        SP1: Janet Stephen (1236)

        1b.Thomas Charles (13570) b.1897-05-08, c.1897-06-03(CEC)

        2b.Freeman Charles (1242) c.1898-04-30(CEC)


        SP2: Mary Janes (3403) b.1886-08 at Upper Island Cove,


        3b.Elsie Grace (1190) b.1906-09-20, c.1906-10-26(CEC)

           SP: Luke Peltham (15658) Lived Gloverstown

        4b.Isabel (1206) b.1908-07-24, c.(CEC)

           SP: ___ Butt (15659) Lived St John's

        5b.Elfrida (1191) b.1910-01-12, c.1910-03-25(CEC)

           SP: Cyril Rice (15660)

        6b.Frank (1193) b.1911-09-04, c.1911-10-20(CEC)

        7b.Ingram (13571) b.1914-11-12

        8b.Silas Daniel (13572) b.ca1916-04, d.1916-09-05(CEC)

        9b.Roy (13573) b.1916-02

           SP: Bessie E Vaters (13577) b.1921 Carbonear

           1c.Elsie Mary (13578) 

           2c.Silas (13579) 

        10b.John Malcolm (13574) b.1919, d.1997-09-30, m.1949-10-29

           SP: Harriett Laura Saunders (13608) b.ca1910

        11b.Margaret (13575) b.ca1919

        12b.Garnetta (13596) b.1922-03-06, d.1998-03-09 Albion, MI  

        13b.William Frederick (1252) b.1913-07-15, c.1913-08-21(CEC)

     4a.Jethro Thomas (92) b.1873-02-04, c.1873-04-12(CEC),

                       d.1956-05-24(CA), m.1900-12-05(CEC)

        SP:Eliza Caroline Green (13590) b.1876 at Venison Is, Lbdr.

        1b.Hilda Allison (13592) b.1908-05-30, c.1908-06-28(CEC)


        2b.Susanna F (13593) b.1914

     5a.Harriett A (1184) b.1875-01-06, c.1875-03-13(CEC)


     6a.Harriett Anne (1185) b.1878-07-10, c.1878-12-27(CEC)


        SP: William Pye (13689) b.1871

  (4)William (1225) b.1840-09-25, c.1841-06-06(CA), d.1902-09-23

             (CEC), m.1866-12-14(CEHG)

     SP: Emma Snow (335) b.1840-12-26 NF, d.1929-09-06 Saint John,

                    NB, CAN

     1a.Valentine (1232) b.1867-02-22, c.1867-06-02(CEC),


     2a.Margaret Jane (1246) b.1868-09-22, c.1869-11-29(CEC)

        SP: Samuel Penney (14881)

     3a.George (1186) b.1872-08-14, c.1872-09-06(CEC), d.1944-12-06

                Saint John, NB

        SP: Laura (1216)

        1b.Susanna (1220) b.1894-12-14, c.1895-07-07(CEC)

        2b.Laura Ann (1237) b.1897-09-01, c.1898-03-18(CEC),


        3b.Emma Jane (1226) b.1900-08-10, c.1900-11-06(CEC),


        4b.Mary Ann (1330) b.1901-10-03, c.1902-01-22(CEC)

        5b.William (1244) b.1903-08-17, c.1903-11-11(CEC)

        6b.Abigail Jane (1442) b.1906-06-28 Victoria Village,

                         c.1906-07-11(CA), d.1985-09-07(SMA) at

                         Glace Bay

           SP: Nicholas Stoliar (13594)

     4a.Valentine (13476) b.1874-04, c.1874-05-31(CEC), d.1941-01-18

        SP:Phoebe Janet Cole (13716) b.ca1877, d.1962-12-18

        1b.James E (13717) b.ca1910

           SP: Gwendolyn (13718)

           1c.Yvonne (13719) b.1835-05-04

              SP: Horatio Moors (14882)

           2c.Ivan V (13720) b.1842-02-01

              SP: Betty Comby (14883) 

     5a.William (15661) b.1876-07-05 Carbonear, NF; d.1957-08-17 at

                 Saint John, New Brunswick; m.1908-12-09

        SP: Roselia Lozier/McCarthy (15662)

     6a.Mary Julia (1215) b.1881-08-09, c.1881-11-09(CEC), d.Boston,


        SP: Luke Clarke (14884) 

     7a.Francis (1224) b.1882-12-31, c.1883-01-07(CEC),


     8a.Hayward (1208) b.1884-06-26, c.1884-07-20(CA), d.1965-03-06

                 Saint John, NB

        SP: Isabella Childs (14885) b.1884-02-29 Channel, NF;

                             d.1923-08-25 Saint John, NB

        1b.Ethel May (15663) b.1908-03-01, d.1992-08-18 Saint John,


        2b.Stanley Walter (15664) b.1909-04-12, d.1963-04-28 Saint

                           John, NB

        3b.William Hayward (15664) b.1910-07-06, d.1945-05-30 in the


        4b.Florence Isabella (15665) b.1911-10-12, d.1990-09-05

                              Saint John, NB

        5b.Martha (15667) b.1812-10-24

        6b.Bessie Velitta (15668) twin, b.1914-08-06, d.1916-06-13

        7b.George Edward (15669) twin, b.1914-08-06, d.1917-06-29

        8b.Samuel Mark (15670) b.1916-03-26, d.1991-07-24

        9b.James (15671) b.1917-08-23, d.1979-12-26

        10b.Dorcas Maud (15672) b.1919-04-06, d.1999-098-30

        11b.Audrey (15673) b.1923-08-19

     9a.Elijah (1481) b.1889-08-04, c.1889-08-27(CEC),


  (5)Jane (1205) b.1842-02-26, c.1842-12-27(CEC), m.1863-12-01(CEC)

     SP: Samuel Mills (3405)

     1a.William Francis Mills (14260) b.1864-06-12 Carbonear

     2a.Harriett Mills (14261) b.1866-05-15 Carbonear

     3a.George William Mills (14262) b.1867-02-18 Carbonear

     4a.Ada Mills (14263) b.1871-06-14

     5a.Anna  Mills (14264) b.1869-07-09 Carbonear

     6a.Julia Ann  Mills (14265) b.1873-06-04

     7a.Samuel Mills (14266) b.1875-08-23 Carbonear

     8a.Adeline Mills (14267) b.1882-09-01

     9a.Abigail Mills (14268) b.1887-02-20

  (6)Maria Ann (1202) b.1846-03-03, c.1846-06-10(CEC), m.1872-02-08

     SP: Richard Taylor (13588) of Carbonear

  (7)Mary (1219) b.1848-06-15, c.1848-12-27

  (8)Abigail (1200) b.1853-06-18, c.1854-02-26(CEC) m.1874-12(MCC)

              at Brigus

     SP: Albert Horwood (3406) b.1852-09-11 (s.George & Eliza)

     1a.Francis Mahaney Horwood (13486) b.1877-08-10 at Brigus

        SP: Abigail Ebsary (13487) b.1883, d.1941-01-31

     2a.Ada May Horwood (13721) b.1880-07-06 Brigus

     3a.Harold Douglas Horwood (13728) b.1886-02-28 Brigus

  (9)Francis (1211) b.1851-02-27, c.1851-06-01(CEC) m.1872-05-13


     SP: Elizabeth Burke (1241) b.ca1852 NF, d.1916-11-03 Saint

                          John, NB (d/Thomas)

     1a.William Thomas (1245) b.1876-10-15, c.1877-01-28(CEC),

                        d.1947-04-10 Saint John, NB; m.1902-09-24

                        Mahone Bay, NS

        SP: Lida Drusilla Oikle (1230) b.1885-05-03 Pine Grove, NS

                                (d/Joshua Peter & Regina Amelia


        1b.Clarence William (15674) b.1904 Bridgewater, NS; d.1936

                             Boston, MA; m.1923-06-01

           SP: Madeline Fry (    ) b.ca1903-01-20, d.1935-01-07

                            (d/William & Ida May Thomas)

           1c.Robert (    ) b.1924-01-01 Saint John, NB; d.1970-03

           2c.Clarence (    ) b.1925-09-02 Saint John, d.1978-03

           3c.Evelyn (    ) b.1927-12-05 Boston, MA; d.1991-11

           4c.Violet (    ) b.1929-04-14 Boston, MA; d.2001-03

           5c.Joan (    ) b.1931-12-28 Boston, MA; d.1994-04-04

        2b.Cecil R (15675)

        3b.Edith (15676) Quad

        4b.John Douglas (15677) Quad

        5b.Edna May (15678) Quad

        6b.Christine (15679) Quad         

     2a.Mary (13715) b.1878, d.1890-04-13

     3a.Eliza Susanna (1408) b.1879-06-02, c.1879-08-24(CEC)

     4a.Alice Maud (1440) b.1881-05-23, c.1881-06-08(CEC),


     5a.Francis (1318) b.1883-08-21, c.1883-11-04(CEC)

     6a.John (1354) b.1886-01-20, c.1886-05-16(CEC), d.1886-10-19


     7a.Abigail (1498) b.1887-07-28, c.1887-10-02(CEC),


     8a.Anna (1419) b.1890-06-24, c.1890-08-08(CEC)

     9a.John Frederick (1402) b.1893-01-05, c.1893-01-23(CEC),

                        d.1936-10-10 Saint John, NB

     10a.Frederick Harold (1347) c.1905-09-12(CEC) d.1938-03-20   

  (10)Susannah (1250) b.1856-03-08, c.1856-06-01(CEC),


       SP: Robert Taylor (3404) b.1847-06, c.1847-09-27(MCC)

                         (s/George & Maria Butt)

5.John (1336) b.1813-12-25, c.1815-01-15(MCC), d.1868-11-01(MCC)

  SP: Martha Saunders (1314) b.1835, c.1835-12-29(MCC),


  (1)Nicholas (1212) b.1866-01-19, c.1866-02-13(MCC),

               d.1918-02-25(CEC), m.1889-01-11(CEC)

     SP: Mary Ann Snooks (1204) b.ca1864

     1a.Amelia (1243) c.1889-10-15(CEC)

        SP: Francis Llewellyn Taylor (1446) b.1904)(s/Wm Winsor

                                     Taylor & Eliz Emily Marshall)

        1b.John (Jack) Taylor (14886)

        2b.Eric Taylor (14887)

     2a.Martha F (1210) b.1899-10-17, c.1899-11-19(CEC)

        SP: William Bond (Billy) Taylor (14888)(s/Lemuel & Lenora)

  (2)George (530) b.1867-11-02, c.1868-03-25(MCC)


6.Ann (1344) b.ca1815

  SP: John Cox (1468)


WILLIAM MAHANEY (537) b.1803-08 at Carbonear, d.1837-07-16(MCC)

SP: Susanna Horwood (538) b.1806, d.1877-04-18(MCC)(d/Robert Edgar)

1.Josiah Nicholas (1484) b.1828, d.1914-03-31, m.1860-01-19(MCC)

  SP: Sophia Jane Bennett (1235) b.1836, d.1899-11-16(MCC)

  (1)Samuel Bennett (1258) b.1862-05-03 Carbonear, NF, c.1862-06-05

                    (MCC), Grand Forks, ND, USA, no issue

  (2)Susanna (1434) b.1864-05-02, d.1888-04-11(UCC)

  (3)Sarah Isabella (1228) b.1866-05-27, c.1866-06-09(UCC), d.1947,


     SP: Philip Young Saunders (608)(1860-1949)

     1a.Effie May Saunders (13580) b.ca1881, d.1961

        SP: Arthur Moses Earle (14274)

     2a.Charles Edward Saunders (13581) d.1884-11-01(CEC)

        SP: Eleanor Johnson (14275)

     3a.Frances Elizabeth Saunders (13582)

        SP: William Frederick Howell (14273)

     4a.William Roy Saunders (13587) b.1894, d.1919 WWI wounds

     5a.Nellie Saunders (13583) b.1896 of TB

     6a.Kathryn Lundstrom Saunders (1198) b.1897

     7a.George Frederick Saunders (13584) b.1898


     8a.Harry Saunders (13585) b.1903

        SP1: Rita May Taylor (14277)

        SP2: Beatrice (Reid) English (14278) wdw

     9a.Phyllis Isabelle Saunders (13586) b.1905

        SP: Ewart Badcock (14891)

     10a.Mary Enid Saunders (1218) b.1907

        SP: F Burnham Gill (1189)

        1b.Elinor Gill (14893)

           SP: Ratcliffe (14893)

        2b.Rosalind Gill (14894)

     11a.Francis Nelson Saunders (1209) b.1911

  (4)William (1234) b.1868-07-07, c.1868-07-29(UCC) Usa,

              Buried ND, no issue:

  (5)Selina Winsor (1416) b.1871, USA, buried at Seattle Wash;

     SP: Neil McNiven (1222)

     1a.Phyllis McNiven (13488)

     2a.Isabelle McNiven (13489)

  (6)Israel Taylor (1429) b.1873-06-01, c.1873-06-14(MCC)

     SP: Susannah (14281) no issue

  (7)Sophia (1438) b.ca1875, d.1953 USA

     SP: John Joseph Kennedy (1321) b.1871-03-21, d.1945

                             (s/Terrence & Mary Joy)

     1a.Agatha Frances Kennedy (13490) b.1904, d.1982

        SP: Louis John Connors (13499) b.1899

        1b.Joseph Connors (14947)

           SP: Marge Esser (14948)

           1c.Mary K  Connors (14949)

              SP: West Lawson (14957)

              1d.Jack Lawson (14952) b.1996

              2d.Amory Lawson (14953) b.1998

           2c.Brian Connors (14950)

         2bJean Connors

            SP: Walter Tomitz

        3bJohn Connors

            SP: Margaret O'Gorman

        4b James Connors

            SP: Nancy Pullman

        5bRobert Connors

            SP: Helen Keane 

     2a.Louis Anthony Kennedy (13491)

        SP: Mary Keyes (14954)

     3a.Terrence Kennedy (13492) b.1904, d.1987

        SP: Anne Kelly (14955) b.1911, d.1983

     4a.William Joseph Kennedy (14956) b.1906, d.1980

        SP: Ruth Donnelly (14957) b.1912, d.1985

     5a.Vincent Kennedy (13493)

     6a.Nicholas J Kennedy (14958) d.1985

        SP: Floretta Penney (14959) d.1985

     7a.Richard Kennedy (13494)

     8a.Rose Magdela Kennedy (13495)

        SP:James T Shanahan (14960) b.1981

     9a.Mary Isabelle Kennedy (13496) b.1914

        SP: Joseph Lawrence Quelch (14961) b.1914, d.1975

     10a.John  Kennedy (13497)

  (8)Elizabeth (1473) b.1877-12-01, c.1878-06-14(UCC) not married

     1a.Cyril Malcolm (1453) b.1897-06-30, c.1897-08-12(MCC),

                       d.1916-07-01, killed at Beaumont Hamel on

                       the Somme River, France, WWI


  (9)Josiah Nicholas (1248) b.1882-12-12, c.1883-04-13(MCC)

                      d.Lynn, Mass, no issue


2.Selina (500) b.1832, c.1838-02-01, d.1892-02-23; m.1855-01-04,

  SP: George William Winsor (499) b.1828-05-06, c.1828-06-08(CEC)

                             d.1902)(s/William & Sarah Tyer)

                             at Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada

3.Rhoda (1325) b.1834-08-15, c.1836-04-09(MCC) d.1836-08-28(MCC)


4.William Nicholas (1364) b.1837-10-17, c.1838-02-01(MCC);


  SP: Martha Penney (1292)

  (1)Eliza Ann (1359) c.1861-10-18(CEC)

  (2)John (1261) b.1864-08-16, c.1864-08-18(CEC), d.1864-08-22(CEC)

  (3)John Francis 1316) b.1870-06-05, c.1870-11-06(CEC)

  (4)William (1323) c.1876-07-05(CEC)







1750 Patrick, b.ca1750, lived in Nfld for 20 yrs, 1794-95 Census

1760 Owen, employed in 1785 by Slade Fishery Supply Co at Fogo

1773 John Northern Arm,  Salmon Cove,  201 x 193 also 16 x  ]74

     bounded one side by Thos. Mahany

1776 Thomas.of N.A., Salmon Cove, Casters (?), 24 from SW to NE,

     200 from high water mark, NW woods, 1/2 stage, I flake, I

     garden, I house, I meadow - cut out of woods

1780 Michael, lived at Harbour Grace in 1806

1781 Maurice, Cats Cove, 178 x 137 purchased from Richard Hoskins

     f25 (could be Mahoney)

1789 Mary (13483) of Western Bay, m.1809-11-29

     SP: Edward Melley (13485) of Western Bay

1791 John, 1791; m. Jane ____

     William, b.1816-06-22, c.1817-06-19(MCC)

1796 Daniel Mahany & Theo Wells at Colliers 75 x 147

1798 James. Mahany & Wm. Kennedy, Northern Arm of Salmon Cove cut &

     cleared agree to Act Wm. Ill etc. 126 x 200 - I stage, I

     flake, 3 houses, 2 gardens

1799 Valentine Mahany & Oliver Penny at Western Bay  28 x 190 -

     1/2 stage, 2 flakes, 4 houses, 3 gardens - purchased

     from Noah Perry for f30

1805 James, on voter's list in 1835, but not in 1839.

1805 John, b.1805, d.1860-11-03  

1809 Mary married Edward MELLEY (Western Bay)-20 Nov.- Carb.Meth


1808 Samuel, d.1881-03-02, 73y

1810 Valentine - 95 x 200 - I house, store, stage, flake

1813 John sued in H.G. - 18 Nov.

1825 Mary of Carbonear married George HISCOCK - 9 Aug

1830 Richard, 1830, Cork, Ireland, settled St John's in 1855

1837 Isabella of Edward & Susan 10 Mar - 26 Dee 37

1864 Martha died 6 Oct - age 26 - CofE

1868 Martha Mahaney LANGDON born who died 1964 (Twil

1869 William born Nfid who appeared in 91 census Dartmouth, NS as

     a farm laborour- Methodist-parents born Nfid

1908 William Frederick born who died 29 Jul 1909 age I yr - CofE


1914 Child born who died 4 May age 1-1/2 yr

1927 Julia born who died 16 Sep 1930 age 3 - CofE

     Hilda born - granddaughter of Silas

1929 Hunter William born who died 16 Jui 1935 age 6 - CofE

1933 Mary died 27 Dee age 43 - CofE

1935 Clara B. born - granddaughter of Silas

1938 Mary Ann died 21 Mar aqe 75 - CofE (born ca 1863)

1939 Clyde born - grandson of Silas

1949 John Malcolm (32) married Laura SAUNDERS (19) - 29 Oct

1956 Jean died 6 Mar age I day - CofE



MAHANEY - Nova Scotia


1933 Dorothy (26) of Francis & Jessie to John Joseph Convery (31)

     of Henry & Susan of Ireland - 17 Jan at Rectory of St.Marks

     Reel 11492-X

1942 Kenneth George (32) born Windsor of Francis J. & Laura

     F. (Main ?)  to Lena Dorothy Ross b St.Croix of Aubrey D.

     & Etta (Cochrane) - 30 Nov @ 42 Windsor St. .-reel 11402-X

1983 Clifford & Cathy had daughter HILARY ANN born 20 Dee @ Hfx

1999 Madelyn Estella widow of KEITH died 23 Feb




Sophia Mahaney photo, my ggm with her nine Kennedy children; she was dau.of Josiah Nicholas Mahaney whose sister Selina Mahaney is Don's Great Grandma. It was a pleasure to search the web one day and discover that Don had done the Mahaney Tree. Don's site was definitely an impetus to my efforts at detailing the Kennedy Tree. Please visit Down East website and check out Selina Mahaney's photo...she would be Aunt to our ggm Sophie Mahaney Kennedy

***ALL OF THE FOLOWING ARE FROM THE SAME MAHANEY LINE descendants of Valentine Mahaney

Valentine MAHANEY

Aug. 12, 1818 William Valentine & Elizabeth Mahaney Exploits, Burnt Island

Nov 21 1866 Valentine MEANEY (MEHANEY), bach, fish, Fogo Eliza MERCILL (MURSELL), spin, Herring Neck Fogo Matthias Downer, John Maddock


Stephen Valentine MAHONEY Francis & Ann Feb. 12, 1843 Mar. 28, 1843 Exploits, Burnt Island

Harriett MAHONEY Francis & Ann Dec. 20, 1834 Oct. 26, 1845 Twillingate

Elizabeth MEHANEY Francis & Ann Sept 3, 1854 EBI 2 mos (Exploits Burnt Island)

20 Feb 1886 Philip Sanders 25, bachelor, Cooper, Carbonear Philip Sanders, Cooper Sarah Mahaney 20, spinster, Carbonear Josiah Mahaney, Fisherman Samuel Mahaney, Levi Winsor

(this is Philip Saunders and Isabella Mahaney sister of ggm Sophia Mahaney daughters of Josiah Mahaney and Sophia Jane Bennett--whether her name was Sarah Isabel Mahaney I don't know but she was Mrs. Philip Saunders aunt to my grandmother Agatha KENNEDY dau. of Sophia Mahaney (Mahoney) and John Kennedy of Carbonear)

Mahaney, Josiah 31 Mar 1914 85 yrs (ggg f)
Mahaney, Malcom 1 Jul 1916 19 yrs (DIED Beaumont Hamel son of Elizabeth Mahaney; grandson of Josiah and Sophia Mahaney)
Mahaney, Sophia 16 Nov 1899 63 yrs (Sophia Jane Bennett Mahaney-- ggg m)

Obituary 2002

Bertha Mahaney Clark dau. of Josiah & Gertrude Mahaney of Newfoundland, grandaughther of of Josiah Nicholas Mahaney and Sophia Bennet of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland. 2-3 weeks ago you posted the obit of my great uncle Dr. Richard J. Kennedy Professor of Criminal Justice, John Jay College NY, son of John Kennedy and Sophia Bennet Mahaney both of Carbonear, Newfoundland. This Sophia B.Kennedy( nee Mahaney) was also dau of the above Josiah N.Mahaney& Sophia Bennet of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland. Sophia B.Kennedy (nee mahaney )was Bertha's Aunt in Brooklyn, NY she was my ggm and Bertha would be the first cousin of my grandmother Agatha Kennedy. Josiah N. Mahaney and Sophia Bennet were my great grandparents; they are the great grandparents of Bertha's children and this makes Bertha's children my first cousins 3x removed(3 generations).

Dominion Post, Morgantown, West Virgina

Bertha Mahaney Clark

Bertha Mahaney Clark, 88, of Zelienople, Pa., formerly of Butler, Pa., passed away at Butler Memorial Hospital Thursday, July 4, 2002, after a long illness.

She was born on Feb. 3, 1914, in Malden, Mass. She was the daughter of Josiah and Gertrude Mahaney, formerly of Newfoundland, Canada. She was married to Frederick J. Clark for 65 years. He preceded her in death on Jan. 5, 2002. She was a graduate of Malden High School and formerly worked for the John Hancock Life Insurance Co. of Boston. She was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a member of St. Andrew's United Presbyterian Church of Butler and the Eastern Star.

She is survived by a daughter, Barbara C. Davis, of Morgantown; Dr. Robert N. Clark, of Columbus, Ohio, Douglas A. Clark, of Latrobe, Pa. and Dr. Paul F. Clark, of State College, Pa.; one sister, Phyllis Elizabeth Rumrill, of Melrose, Mass.; 12 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. Beside her husband, she was preceded in death by her brother, William Mahaney; and a sister, Dorothy Anderson.

A memorial service will be held at the family's convenience. The family suggests donations be made to the Monongalia General Hospital Diabetes Program; the American Heart Association, P.O. Box 12110, Charleston, WV 25302, or the charity of your choice.

From the New England Historical Society
MARRIAGE in Chelsea, Massachusetts
Sept. 24, 1910, By Rev. R. Perry Bush of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Josiah N. Mahaney Jr., age 28, son of Josiah N. Mahaney & Sophia Bennett
Gertrude Rideout, age 27, daughter of Hercules Rideout & Rachel Osmond
Both born in Newfoundland.
First marriage for both.
Josiah's Occupation: Box Maker
Both reside in Malden, MA
1910 Census for Malden Ward 4, Middelsex, Massachusetts
Neil McNevin, age 39, Head, married once and for 11 yrs., b. Canada, Parents,
b. Canada, Came to the US in 1888, Occupation: Tinsmith
Lena McNevin, wife, age 39, married once and for 11 yrs., Had 2 children, b. Canada,
Parents b. Canada, Came to the US in 1896
Phyllis E. McNevin, daughter, age 10, b.
Isabel E. McNevin, daughter, age 7, b.
Joseiah Mahoney, brother-in-law, age 28, single, b. Canada, Parents b.
Canada, Came to the US in 1902, Occupation: ? Machine/Box Shop
From the New England Historical Society
Dec. 30, 1898, By Rev. Edwin H. Hughes of Malden, Massachusetts
Neil McNevin, age 28, son of Neil McNiven & Isabella Black
Selnia Mahaney, age 27, Daughter of Josiah Mahaney & Sophia Bennett
First Marriage for both
Neil born in New Brunswick, Canada
Selina born in Newfoundland
Neil's Occupation: Tinsmith
Selina's Occupation: Governess
Dec. 10, 1899
Phillis E. McNevin, daugther of Neil McNevin & Selina Mahoney,
Father born in New Brunswick
Mother born in Newfoundland
Father's Occupation: Tinsmith
McNevin Isabel E Malden 1902
1920 Census for Malden Ward 7, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Josiah N Mahoney, age 37, b. NL, Parents b. NL, Came to the
US in 1895, Occupation: Sale Maker
Gertrude Mahoney, wife, age 30, b. NL, Parents b. NL, Came to
the US in 1908
Josiah W. Mahoney, son, age 8, b. MA
Bertha Mahoney, daughter, age 5, b. MA
Dorothy O. Mahoney, daughter, age 3 and 2 months, b. MA
Phillis E. Mahoney, daughter, age 1 and 11 months, b. MA
1930 Census for Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Josiah Mahaney, age 46, married at age 26, b. Canada, Parents b. Canada
Came to the US in 1898, Occupation: None
Gertrude Mahaney, wife, age 42, married at age 22, b. Canada, Parents b.
Canada, Came to the US in 1908, Occupation: Child nurse/Private Home
William Mahaney, son, age 18, b. MA, Occupation: Book Keeper
Bertha Mahaney, daughter, age 16, b. MA
Dorothy Mahaney, daughter, age 13, b. MA
Betty Mahaney, daughter, age 12, b. MA
Name: Josiah Nicholas Mahaney
City: Malden
County: Middlesex
State: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 12 Dec 1882
Race: White
Roll: 1674359
DraftBoard: 2
He is Tall and Slender, Brown Eyes, Black Hair
He is Naturalized.
Occupation: Box Maker for Atwood & McManence
of Chelesa, Mass
He liveves at: 26 Wayeth St. Malden, Mass with
wife Gertrude Mahaney