St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery NORTH WEST CARBONEAR, NEWFOUNDLAND

The Parting Glass

O all the money that e'er I spent,
I spent it in good company
And all the harm that e'er I've done,
alas, it was to none but me.
And all I've done for want of wit
to memory now I can't recall.
So fill to me the parting glass
good night, and joy be with you all.

O all the comrades that e'er I had
are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I had
would wish me one more day to stay.
But since it falls into my lot
that I should rise and you should not,
I'll gently rise and softly call,
goodnight, and joy be with you all.

SURNAME Given name Date on Headstone Age Plot marker Inscription JCP Notes
KENNEDY Michael 15Jan 1826 66y 19A Oldest grave likely brother of James who died.1827
KENNEDY Anastasia April 46y 27C Anastatia Wells wife of James d. 1827
KENNEDY James 9 Aug 1827 66y 27D Descendants of James Kennedy and Anastasia Wells

Letter regarding Bishoup Renouf

KENNEDY Nicholas 1 Jan 1844 2y 20F Son of Nicholas & Julia Father Capt. Nicholas K. (1807-1881) mother Julia K.(1808-?) siblings Mary, Grace, John (1839-1912), Terrance (1845-1937), Nicholas (1848-, William (d1862) Born 1842

Descendants of Nicholas and Julia Kennedy

KENNEDY James 3 Feb 1853 16y 44F Son of James & Margaret Possible grandson of James 1827
KENNEDY William 24 Nov 1862 11y 20F Brother of Nicholas;son of Nicholas & Julia Father Capt. Nicholas K. (1807-1881) mother Julia K.(1808-?) siblings Mary, Grace, John (1839-1912), Terrance (1845-1937), Nicholas (d.1844)Nicholas (1848-, Child BAPT. 1852;born 1851
KENNEDY Mary 3 Feb 1870 1y 20E sister of Stanislaus dau of John & Margaret child Bapt. 1869
KENNEDY Mary 4 Feb 1870 3y 57A child born 1867; I am GUESSING this is Mary bapt. to Moses Kennedy and Julian George
KENNEDY Mary Joseph 9 May 1874 1y 20E sister of Mary 1870

and Stan 1874 (JCP)

child (born 1873)
KENNEDY Mary Joseph 10 May 1874 1y 57A child (born 1873);
KENNEDY Stan 13 May 1874 5y 57A child (born 1869)
KENNEDY Stanislaus 13 May 1874 3y 6m 20E Brother of Mary Joseph & Mary; son of John & Margaret child (born 1870)
KENNEDY Nicholas 26 Mar 1881 74y 20D  

Capt.Nich. 1807 born at sea en route from Wexford; son of Capt. Nich. K & Grace Young husband of Julia; Epitaph "Weep Not for Me My Children; I am Not Dead but Sleeping Here"

KENNEDY M. Claven 17 Nov 1900 64y E Sister Mary Claven,
KENNEDY Thomas P. 12 Jun 1903 4m 49C2 Grandson of Annie Cullen
KENNEDY Captain John 30 Oct 1912 73y 57A Born 1839 to Nicholas and Julia Kennedy; married Margaret

Butler (died 1917)

KENNEDY John 15 Aug 1914 7m 57A Grandchild of John
KENNEDY William 9 Oct 1915 6y 49C son of William J. & Mary also grandchild of Capt. John
KENNEDY Mary 23 Jun 1947 67y 71C Erected by Stan in memory of his wife
KENNEDY Nicholas J 1951 71 y 57D son of Capt. John & Margaret