I. Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young, of Wexford, Ireland settle Harbor Grace, Newfoundland in 1807

II. John Kennedy (1809) No known information other than his baptism, his death in 1883 with no heirs but estate to nephews

II. Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1871) and Julia Kennedy (daughter of Terrance and Mary Kennedy, Crocker's Cove) married Feb. 1831 Harbor Grace, Newfoundland; five children

III. Mary Kennedy m. Thomas Forristal (Copus Christi Conception Bay North, NFLD. descendants also in Everett, MA)

III. Grace Kennedy m. Richard Hayden (Small Point, Bay de Verde NFLD. descendants in St. John's & Everett, MA)

III. Nicholas Kennedy m. Margaret Hamilton (Carbonear >St. John's & Bell Island, descendants largely in St. John's)

III. Terence Kennedy m. Mary Joy (both buried in Harbor Grace; 8 of 10 children went to Boston & NY)

III. Captain John Kennedy and Margaret BUTLER married Jan. 20, 1864 at St. Patrick's RC see Margaret Kennedy's 1917 Will

IV. Julia Kennedy, b. 29 Jan 1866 educated Mount St. Vincent Academy Yonkers, New York returns to NL to marry John DUNN St. Pat's RC in 1890 In 1899 Julia and John Dunn reside in Harbor Grace, Newfoundland and their Children:

V. William John Dunn b. 2 Oct 1895 crosses Canadian Border into Buffalo, NY on 31 May 1951 age 56; stopped and held for investigation- was in Boston from 1926-1946 as seaman; presents US Coast Guard # z-604082-D (number hard to read) lists next of kin as sister Margaret Sacrey and last residence as 24 Perry St. Newport Rhode Island

V. Margaret Dunn b. 1902 Carbonear, NL married William J. Sacrey, deep sea fisherman of Harbor Grace

Margaret & William move to 24 Perry St. Newport, Rhode Island 1930;

* Housekeeper is cousin Grace Russell b. 1900 in NL her mother was Margaret Kennedy Russell;

father was Wm. Russell of Penneywell Rd. St. John's ; Grace returns to Newfoundland on SS Nova Scotia 1931

VI. William J. Sacrey Jr. b. 1924 Newport, Rhode Island

V. Valentine Dunn b. 1899 Harbor Grace, NL married ? went to Newport, Rhode Island

on census w/Scarey family 1930

V. Mary K. Dunn marries McGrath resides 9 Bartlett Street Charlestown Massachusetts in 1922

when Valentine lists her on Border Crossing manifest from Nova Scotia July 1922

V. Angela Dunn in 1935 travels to Boston to stay with William Sacrey in Newport

IV. William John Kennedy, b. July 1867 Carbonear NL, master mariner. birth record found in Delayed birth registrations. He married Mary Cullen (b. 1882 ) on Nov. 4, 1900 St. Pat's RC Carbonear, Newfoundland by F.D McCarthy (witnesses: Thomas Fitzgerald & Grace Kennedy)

- resided @ 56 Flower Hill Ave. St. John's in 1930 St. John's Directory;

- Outward Bound Report of shipping cargo on Schooner Ocean Gem from St. John's to Queenstown, Ireland 1890s.

-Schooner Luetta Barometer from the Luetta

Book mention of Luetta and Capt. Wm. J. Kennedy

V. John Cullen Kennedy b. 19 Oct 1901 Carbonear, NL worked CAPE COD 1926 Tremont Dredging Co.* married Madeline Foley of St. John's; emigrated into Boston
(possibly naturalized Sept. 24, 1928 701 S. Main St.Randolph, MA) Died Sep 1984 Hollywood, Florida and is buried in Farmingdale, New York. John and Madeline are living on First Street in the 1930 US Census Kings County>Brooklyn>District 599. Listed as a piper fitter at a Light Co. they have been married only a year. She emigrated in 1930 and he in 1927.

VI. John Dermot Kennedy b. Jan 28, 1931 in Lynn, Massachusetts died June 11, 1990 Hallandale Florida (age 59). He was a civil engineer/contractor raised in Brooklyn, NY. He married Beatrice.

VII. John C. Kennedy

VIII. William John Kennedy (Generation 8 that's very good in genealogy!)

VII. Robert Norman Kennedy

VII. Virgina Mary Kennedy married Salha

VII. Geraldine Ann Kennedy married Stan Youngblood

VI. James Gerard Kennedy born (MA?) died 1995 in a plane crash; see link http://www.dfministry.com/9min20sec.htm an article that is now a book on the crash. Gerry married Nancy ? worked in Finance/Comptroller

VII. 7 daughters and one son, Thomas Kennedy.

V. Philomena Kennedy b. 8 Jan 1903 Cabonear, NL. A nun in Nova Scotia became Sister Edward Patrick.
V. Stan Kennedy b. 15 April 1906 Carbonear, NL

V. William Kennedy b. 1909 died 9 Oct 1915 age 6 years buried Northwest RC cemetery Carbonear (Twin of Pat?)

V. Patrick Kennedy b. 12 Jan 1909; listed 1930 directory as Shipper for Parker & Monroe 56 Flower Hill

VI. Mary Kennedy

VI. Dorithy Kennedy

VI. Kevin Kennedy

VII. Marilyn

VII. Linda

VII. Paul Kennedy

VII. Edward (Ted) Kennedy St. John's, Newfoundland

IV. Mary b. 1869 died as child died 1870 NW RC Carbonear Cemetery

IV. Mary Joseph 20 May 1873 St. Pat's RC Carbonear buried RC Cemetery NW Carbonear died as child

IV. Stanislaus Kennedy born 15 Nov 1873 St. Pat's RC Carbonear, NL died as child

Here is a family who lost several children when they were infants and renamed later children after their deceased siblings. Looking at the Northwest Carbonear Cemetery records there are 3 children Mary(1869-1870), Mary Joseph (1873-1874) and Stanislaus (1871-1874) buried in plot 20E and listed as siblings and children of John and Margaret. There are also another 3 children, Mary (1867-1870), Mary (1873-1874) and Stanislaus (1869-1874) who are buried in 57A the final resting place of Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912)...perhaps there is some repetition of records or mistake. It is unclear why the 2 plots were used if all the children were of the same family or whether the 4 who died in 1874 were perhaps first cousins and not siblings...

An outbreak of disease could wipe out your family in a weekend. One week in May 1874 two Kennedy households in Carbonear lost four of their youngest children in 4 days due to the measles.

The Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser
March 14, 1874

The measles have spread throughout our town and the other towns and hamlets of our Bay. Scarcely a family, blessed with the 'olive branches', but has been visited by this malady. In some instances, six and seven are reported in one family suffering at the same time. We have heard of no fatal cases as yet.

IV. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy born 1875 St. Pat's RC who married "BUTT"

IV. Stanislaus Kennedy born 24 August 1877 St. Pat's RC married Mary Doody in 1913 lived in St. John's 1921 and emigrate to the US living in Brooklyn>Kings County> 1930 US census 13rh Street

V. Norbert July 1915

V. Kevin 3 Jan 1918

IV. Nicholas Kennedy b. 1880 (Oct. 1879 Carbonear, NL) married Mary Finn (b. Feb. 1886 Carbonear, NL) Jan. 15, 1911 at St. Patrick's RC in Carbonear living on Main Street 1928 Voter's List Carbonear sells Crocker's Cove land in 1930
V. Margaret KENEDY b. 1911 Oct 9 Carbonear, NL
V. James KENEDY b. 1913 Aug 8 Carbonear, NL
V. Gertrude KENEDY b. 1914 Nov 6 Carbonear, NL
V. John KENEDY b. 1916 Feb 5 Carbonear, NL
V. Genevieve KENEDY b. 1920 Jan 1 Carbonear NL (1921 Census)

IV. Margaret Jane Kennedy b. 1884 married a William Joseph Russell born (St. John's Feb. 1879), St. John's Grocer in 1939 brother is Edward Russell of 114 Freshwater Rd. St. John's plan to settle permanently at Newport Rhode Island, via Boston January 1940 on SS Nova Scotia listing daughter in Rhode Island; Marg. Russell lists brother Wm. Kennedy as nearest relative in St. John's Newfoundland on Water Street W.

V. Grace Russell b. 1910 St. John's Newfoundland marries Eugene B Josephson born Nov. 29, 1905 Rhode Island died 1987 living 1940 @ 7 Fowler Ave. Newport, Rhode Island ;


V. Angela Russell Providence, Rhode Island 1950s

V. Stan Russell Providence, Rhode Island 1950

V. Aiden F. Russel born 1919 St. John's emigrates 1938 to sister Grace Russell at 24 Perry St. Newport, RI (Dunn Sacrey residence) eventually goes to Edmonds, Washington USA

IV. Mary G. Kennedy b. 1885 Carbonear, NL (this must be GRACE who married a Colford had dau. Marcella Colford according to grandmother Margaret Kennedys will)

V. Marcela Colford

V. John b.1914-d.1914
NW Carbonear RC cemetery buried with grandfather Capt. John Kennedy1839-1912 Also unknown parents; grandson of Capt. John 1839

V. James C. Kennedy b. 1901 Carbonear to Cape Cod 1929* Not sure WHO he is?? he lists his mother as Mrs. J. Kennedy of 56 Flower Hill in 1926 passenger manifest into Boston and Uncle as S. Kennedy of 13th street Brooklyn. Unknown but possibly son of Nicholas,but it also could be and error and really should be John C. Kennedy 1901
Below information was retrieved from
>>> SS Newfoundland to Boston, Massachusettss August 11, 1929
>>> James C. Kennedy 28
>>> steamfitter married born Carbonear Nfld
>>> (mother) 56 Flower Hill St. John's
>>> (final destination) NY Brooklyn --left 7/2/1929
>>> (passage pd.) self
>>> (ever before in US?) Yes, 1927-1929 NY
>>> (joining relative?) Uncle Mr. S. Kennedy 233 13th Street Brooklyn NY>>> <<<this is address of Brooklyn Kennedys in 1930 census>>
>>> (point of entering US) permanently settle
>>> (descrip) 6'0 fair, brown hair, brown eyes
>>> March 7th 1926 SS Newfoundland
>>> Kennedy, Stanislaus 47 mariner married {estimate birth year 1879}
>>> wife N. Kennedy Carbonear Nfld.
>>> last residence Boston, Massachusetts
>>> with whom he stayed: John Jay 102 Breck St. Boston
>>>plan to stay: permanent
>>> whether ever in US yes Brooklyn, NY
>>> 5'10 med brown blue tattoo mark on left arm born Carbonear, NL <<TATTOO>>

>>> Dec 15 1928 SS Farnorth from St. John's NL to Boston, MA
>>> Kennedy William J 61 seaman married born Carbonear NL wife Mary Kennedy 56 flower hill final destination Osterville, MA son John Kennedy c/o Tremont dredging Co., he is 6'0 med grey

In 1926 Captain William J. Kennedy (son Capt John 1839-1912 & Margaret Butler, Carbonear bro. of Capt Nick, Capt Terr gson of Nich&Julia) age 61 ,wife is Mary they live on 56 Flower Hill 1921 census St. John's Nfld. He and ( James C.) go to Massachusetts to work with his eldest son John Kennedy in Osterville on Cape Cod for Tremont Dredging Co. (you need to dredge waterfront for boats)
*"Perhaps no single item better represents President Kennedy's passion for the sea and sailing than his sailboat, Victura, built by the Crosby Yacht Yard in Osterville, MA in 1932. Made entirely of wood, the 26-foot Wianno Senior was given to John Kennedy by his parents on his 15th birthday."

....searching on info on Osterville, county Barnstable, Massachusetts
>>>> Link:
CROSBY Yacht yard Osterville, MA any connection to CROSBIE in St. John's????

>>> *Tremont is hop, skip, and jump to Hyanis Port and dredging continued in 1999 under direction of a Timothy Butler Harbormaster; COULD WE HAVE SOME BUTLER Connections that brought the boys to Tremont in 1926? I have found Butlers from Nfld. in Boston 1920 living right next door to Stapleton's from Carbonear in Boston and we do have an Ellen/Nellie Kennedy of Carbonear married to a Stapleton (another story) also living in Boston. http://www.ellsworthamerican.com/archive/news1999/11-04-99/ea_story4_11-04-99.html

Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) son of Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young, he was the eldest of the three Capt. Kennedy Bros. (John, Terence, & Nicholas). The naming pattern in this family sends us for a loop. The name Stanislaus must come from Margaret Butler as it is used twice and so is significant.