Kennedy Genealogy  


Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) was born in Carbonear, Newfoundland to Captain Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881) and Julia Kennedy (1808-?).  His gp were Captain Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young of Wexford Ireland and Terrence Kennedy and Mary Clarke of Crocker's Cove, Newfoundland.  Captain John married Margaret Butler were married at St. Patrick's RC Church in Carbonear and raised a family there.  In 1888, Capt. John was responsible for hauling sand from Salmon Cove to Carbonear  for the foundation of a new brick building for the parish of St. Pat's. It was the vessel Bounty which he used to bring the sand.  John and Margaret had several children baptized at St. Pat's and suffered the loss of a couple of their children due to the outbreak of disease in the local community.  They are buried alongside John and their cousins who suffered the similar fate of childhood mortality. They rest in the NorthWest Cemetery of Carbonear.  Also in the cemetery is Captain John's father Nicholas 1807.

Constructing the Line of the Eldest of the Three Kennedy Brothers

1 Nicholas Kennedy & Grace Young of Wexford, Ireland
   2  John Kennedy bapt 1809-1883
   2 Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881) & Julia Kennedy (1809-1892) Crocker's Cove,
       3 Skipper Ter. Kennedy (1845-1935) & Mary Joy (my line)

      3 Captain Nich (1848-1918) & Marg. Hamilton (your line)
      3 Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) married Jan.20, 1864 at St.Pat's RC Carbonear
        Margaret Butler (18??-1917); (the other line)
         4 Julia Kennedy b. 1866 m. John Dunn St. Pat's 1890
                  5. DUNN line

         4 Mary (1869-1870) NW Carbonear RC cemetery
         4 Mary Joseph (1873-1874) NW Carbonear RC cemetery
         4. Stanislaus (1873-1874) NW Carbonear RC cemetery
         4. Mary Grace Kennedy b. 1885 m. John Colford
              5. Marcella Colford
        4. Margaret Jane Kennedy b. 1884 married ? Russel  in Carbonear
         4 Stanislaus Kennedy b. 1877 m. Mary DOODY on Jan. 26, 1913 at St.  Pat's RC  

             Carbonear >Brooklyn 1930>Nashua, New Hampshire
               5 Robert Kennedy
               5 Kevin Kennedy
        4 Nicholas J. Kennedy bapt. Oct. 6,1880 -d.1951 Carbonear married
 Mary Finn b.  Feb 1886 married at St. Pat's RC on Jan. 15, 1911 (1921 Census)

             5 Margaret b. Oct. 1911 Carbonear
             5 James Kennedy b. Aug 1913 Carbonear
             5 Gertrude Kennedy Nov. 1914 Carbonear
             5 John Kennedy  Feb. 1916 Carbonear
             5 Genevieve Kennedy Jan 1920 Carbonear
       4 William J. Kennedy b. July 1867  Carbonear (master mariner) married Mary Cullen (b.1882 Carbonear) RC St. Pat's Carbonear Nov.4,
             1900 by F.D.  McCarthy (witnesses: Thomas Fitzgerald & Grace Kennedy) lived 56 Flower Hill   Ave. St. John's  (in 1926)
           5 John Kennedy  b.  Oct 1901Carbonear  to CAPE COD 1926 Tremont
                Dredging Co.*
           5 Philomena Kennedy b. Jan 1903 Cabonear
           5 Stan Kennedy b. 1906 Carbonear
           5 Patrick Kennedy  born Jan 1909; listed 1930 directory as Shipper for Parker & Monroe 56 Flower Hill        

           5 John b.1914-d.1914  NW Carbonear RC cemetery buried with  grandfather  Capt. John Kennedy1839-1912

 *Tremont is hop, skip, and jump to Hyannisport and dredging continued in
 1999 under direction of a Timothy Butler Harbormaster;  COULD WE HAVE SOME
 BUTLER Connections that brought the boys to Tremont in 1926? I have found
 Butlers from Nfld. in Boston 1920 living right next door to Stapleton's
 from Carbonear in Boston and we do have an Ellen/Nellie Kennedy of
 Carbonear married to a Stapleton (another story) also living in Boston.

 1921 census still Carbonear (maybe James
 already in StJ)
 see below passage to boston records
KENEDY; W. J. M head married 1867  July 54 Carbonear
 KENEDY; Mary F wife married 1882  July 39 "
 KENEDY; John M son single 1901  Oct 19 "
 KENEDY; Stan M son single 1906  Apr 15 "
 KENEDY; Patrick M son single 1909  Jan 12 "
 KENEDY; Philomena F dau single 1903  Jan 8 "

 SS Newfoundland Boston Mass august 11, 1929

 James C. Kennedy
 steamfitter married born Carbonear Nfld
 (mother) 56 Flower Hill St. John's
 (final destination) NY Brooklyn --left 7/2/1929
 (passage pd.) self
(ever before in US?) Yes, 1927-1929 NY
 (joining relative?) Uncle Mr. S. Kennedy 233 13th Street Brooklyn NY
this is where  my Brooklyn Kennedys lived>>
 (point of entering US) permanently settle
 (descrip) 6'0  fair, brown hair, brown eyes

 March 7th 1926  ss newfoundland
 Kennedy, Stanislaus 47 mariner married
 wife N. Kennedy Carbonear Nfld.
 last residence Boston Mass
 John Jay 102 Breck St. Boston permanent
 whether ever in US  yes brooklyn
 5'10 med brown blue tattoo mark on left arm carbonear    <<TATTOO,hmm>>

 Dec 15 1928 ss farnorth from StJ to boston
 Kennedy William J  61 seaman married born carbonear
wife Mary Kennedy 56 flower hill
 final destination Osterville son John Kennedy c/o tremont dredging co,
 Osterville CAPE COD Massachusetts, USA
 6'0 med grey