Newfoundland's Probate Records from 1825-1927 are on film through the LDS Family History Center. After looking my ancestors cemetery records it seemed logical to look at their Wills next in an effort to determine sibling relations. Keep in mind the majority of these Estate records are close to 100 years old. I have gathered the records below in an effort to determine links not only between immediate family members but also to see if their were links between the Kennedy Families around the Island. While some were very nonspecific..."I leave the dwelling house and all my money to my wife and children" not naming either, others were quite detailed naming not only their wife and children but all living siblings. I have taken to transcribing Will requests for others studying their Newfoundland genealogy and contribute them to Newfoundland's Grand Banks genealogy website. Reading these records has given me a knowledge of local occupations, the various social and cultural traditions of 19th century Newfoundland, a sense of the island's geography, and some evidence of general migration patterns. On occasion there is the added bonus of discovering the maiden names of women who otherwise would vanish without a trace after two generations and the often sought after mention of the family's county of origin in Ireland or England. For this I return to the microfilm reader weekly to transcriber phrases such as "I bequeath to my daughter free from the control of any husband she has now or may have in the future" and of course the most common, "share and share alike." At times you wonder what transpired when someone is singled out to receive "a shilling and no more." Not all of the Wills below are from the Kennedy's of Carbonear but include Kennedy's of other areas in Newfoundland. There is also a link to a wills page of Related Surnames where either a Kennedy is an heir, witness or perhaps there is a maiden name connection.

If you discover an ancestor who may be yours it would please me to know that a missing great grandfather or grandmother has been found and their Last Will made known.

Probate Year Name Place

1776 James Kennedy Of Gallows Cove, Harbor Main, Newfoundland

1794 Patrick Kenedy Of Gallows Cove, Harbor Main, Newfoundland

1817 John Kennedy Of Gallows Cove, Harbor Main, Newfoundland Widow Mary Kennedy

1825 William Kenedy (Of Port de Grave)

1845 John Kennedy Of Tickle Cove, Newfoundland brother William in County Cork

1849 Elizabeth Kennedy St. John's, Newfoundland

1864 John Kennedy Of Freshwater, near Saint John's, Newfoundland

1867 Lawrence Kennedy Of St. John's, Newfoundland

1880 Michael Kennedy Bay of Islands, Newfoundland

1882 William Kennedy Jr. Trespassey

1883 John Kennedy Of Carbonear , Newfoundland

1901 Edward Kennedy Of Fox Trap, District of Harbour Main

1902 Cornelius Kennedy Holyrood, Newfoundland

1911 Patrick Kennedy Tailor Saint John's, Newfoundland

1913 John Kennedy Carbonear, Master Mariner

1914 Margaret Kennedy Conception Bay wife of William Kennedy, deceased.

1914 Martin Kennedy Torbay Road

1915 Edward Kennedy Merchant of Avondale, formerly of Harbor Main

1916 Margaret Kennedy Saint John's widow

1917 Margaret Kennedy Carbonear, wife of Captain John Kennedy, deceased

1924 Mary Kennedy Fox Trap, District of Harbour Main

1929 James Kennedy St. John's

1931 Moses Kennedy Fox Trap

1942 Nicholas Kennedy Carbonear


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